BBC 2017 Venus Uncovered : Ancient Goddess of Love BBC DOCUMENTARY 2017

In 1914, the suffragette Mary Richardson attacked the Rokeby Venus at the National Gallery in London. But why did this painting fire such outrage? Professor Bettany Hughes embarks on a voyage of discovery to reveal the truth behind the Venus depicted in the painting, proving that this mythological figure is so much more than just an excuse for sensual nudity and chocolate-box romance. Because Venus Uncovered is the remarkable story of one of antiquity's most potent forces. And more than that - hers is the story of human desire, and how desire transforms who we are and how we behave.

Visit Greece | Gods, Myths, Heroes (English)

Every Greek destination is the birthplace of an ancient god, every place in our country hides a myth, a magical story, the energy of which is kept alive until today! Let's discover it...

Greatest Art Movie Ever "Art of the Steal" (2009)

From 2009 The Art of The Steal The Relocation of the Barnes Art Collection to Philadelphia or better known as the biggest robbery ever sold.

Global Sustainability Tenacity