Numbers In Action

This beautiful animation shows what the world could look like if we achieve some the Global Goals by 2030. 

It looks at a selection of global issues, from extreme poverty to gender equality, and tracks the progress that has been made from the start of the millennium. It then demonstrates how much further we still have to go by 2030 if the Goals are to be achieved. 

It is a stunning piece of data visualisation, soundtracked by legendary UK MC Wiley.

Mr Bean & The Global Goals

Mr Bean joins the global movement in support of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

Watch his attempts to spread the word about the Goals and join him by downloading the SDGs in Action App now!

Bringing the ‪SDGs‬ to life: real change for real people

All 17 Sustainable Development Goals in just THREE minutes! 

IIED's animation, "Bringing the ‪#SDGs to life: real change for real people", is designed to communicate what the SDGs are, why they are needed, and why we need to take collective action. 

Please tell us what you think of the animation in the comments below and by using the #SDGideas hashtag on social media. We also encourage you to share this animation and use it as a resource. The animation was produced in conjunction with Hands Up. 

This is an updated version of the animation, updated on 21 June, 2015.

Global Sustainability Tenacity