June, 25, 2017

The United Nations serves as a venue and a political arena, a place where diplomacy's conducted, where policy is conducted. It's the only multilateral organization we have. It represents most of the world, if not all the world.

United Nations, was the alliance that defeated fascism in Japan in the second World War and the idea of an organization was an attempt to preserve the peace by keeping and being the wartime grand alliance. That was Roosevelt's notion. And Roosevelt having been a close bystander of the creation and failures of the League of Nations as a cabinet officer under Woodrow Wilson and as a failed Wilsonian Vice Presidential candidate in 1920 was looking to create a more sustainable organization which was more in keeping with the realities of world power which wouldn't be like the league, something which could pass worthy resolutions which were unenforceable and ignored.

And  when you take a democratic peoples through a horrendous war that has killed millions of people and wrought destruction, you want a covenant that we're not going to go to war again so easily, that we've put up some road blocks that will slow down the rush to war and provide alternative diplomatic mechanisms for preserving the peace.

the UN really emerges quite literally out of the ashes, out of the ashes of World War II. And out of the ashes is really of the failure of the League of Nations earlier. There was,I think, an emotional and political need not to repeat that experience of world war which we'd seen twice within a generation.

And definitely,  it's not just about the ideals, it's also about saying,

what are the costs of war? and what are the costs of compromise and cooperation?

And clearly there was a very, smart calculation made, that compromise and cooperation would be much better.

And sometimes, a fresh look at the history can give us new insights into the UN and its possibilities today.

With United nations we are able to dream as visionaries of a possible world of multilateral structures which before and since has seemed unrealistic.

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